Success Story: Digitally Empowering English Language Education

We transformed Total English's teaching businesses with web designs that engage, inspire, and educate.

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Total English

Introducing our work with Total English, a pioneer in providing engaging online and instructor-led English lessons. In an era where digital education is paramount, Total English needed a digital platform that was as dynamic, engaging, and user-friendly as their teaching methods. We at Uncommon were tasked with the mission to design and optimise their website in a way that would echo their commitment to quality education while reaching a global audience. We proudly crafted a web experience that not only showcases their expertise in English instruction but also significantly boosted their online visibility, solidifying Total English's place in the online education sector.

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01The Goals

Our collaboration with Total English was defined by several key objectives:

  • Interactive Website Design: The primary goal was to create a user-friendly, engaging website that reflects the dynamic nature of Total English's online and instructor-led lessons.
  • SEO Optimisation: To reach a wider audience, we needed to improve Total English's online visibility through effective SEO strategies.
  • Learning Platform Selection: Identifying and integrating an appropriate learning platform that aligns with Total English's teaching methodologies was crucial.
  • Payments Integration: To facilitate easy transactions for their global audience, we aimed to incorporate a seamless and secure online payment system.

02The Challenges

In our journey with Total English, we navigated several unique challenges:

  • Creating a Dynamic Learning Environment: Building an interactive and engaging website for online learning presented complex design challenges.
  • Improving Online Visibility: In a saturated online learning market, boosting SEO rankings required a carefully crafted strategy.
  • Learning Platform Integration: Selecting and integrating a learning platform that meets the needs of Total English's diverse teaching methods was a complex task.
  • Secure Payment Solution: Incorporating a secure, user-friendly payment system that can handle transactions from various global sources was essential.

03The Outcome

The collaboration resulted in some outstanding achievements:

  • Dynamic Web Presence: We created an engaging website that effectively communicates Total English's commitment to providing high-quality English lessons.
  • Improved Visibility: Through advanced SEO strategies, we significantly boosted Total English's visibility in search engine results, leading to a surge in organic traffic.
  • Successful Platform Integration: After careful consideration, we integrated an appropriate learning platform that aligns perfectly with Total English's teaching methods.
  • Smooth Payment Process: We successfully incorporated a secure and user-friendly payment system, enabling Total English to handle global transactions effortlessly. This has significantly improved customer experience and trust in the platform.

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